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9780080531878 - John, Brown: Foseco Non-Ferrous Foundryman´s Handbook
John, Brown (?):

Foseco Non-Ferrous Foundryman´s Handbook (?)

ISBN: 9780080531878 (?) ou 0080531873, en anglais, Pergamon; Pergamon Press, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, Nouveau, ebook, Téléchargement numérique

C$ 183,70 ( 123,39)¹(sans obligation)
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Du vendeur/antiquaire
Numéro de commande vendeur: 15168992
Numéro de commande de plate-forme (EB): 48856622
Catégorie: eBooks > Belletristik > Erzählungen
Données de 09-06-2016 10:32h
ISBN (notations alternatives): 0-08-053187-3, 978-0-08-053187-8
9780080531878 - John Brown: Foseco Non-Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook
John Brown (?):

Foseco Non-Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook (?)

ISBN: 9780080531878 (?) ou 0080531873, en allemand, Pergamon; Pergamon Press, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, Nouveau, ebook

C$ 185,13 (Fr. 135,90)¹ + Expédition à la France: C$ 40,87 (Fr. 30,00)¹ = C$ 226,00 (Fr. 165,90)¹(sans obligation)
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Du vendeur/antiquaire
Foseco Non-Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook, The Non-Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook provides a practical reference book for all those concerned with dealing with aluminium, copper and magnesium casting alloys.International SI units are used throughout, but in almost all cases conversions to the more familiar Metric and Imperial units are given. Wherever possible, Casting Alloy Specifications include equivalent specifications for several countries as well as international specifications. Individual chapters cover the casting of all types of non-ferrous metals. For each group of alloys, specifications, and typical applications are described, together with details of melting practice, metal treatment and casting practice. Sand moulding materials, including green sand and chemically bonded sands are also included. Recently there have been many major technical developments including new sand binders, the adoption of metal filtration of castings and widespread use of computers for the optimisation of feeder design.
Numéro de commande vendeur: 29701204
Numéro de commande de plate-forme ad0d3283202289165b2e61399b6d3e 89
Catégorie: eBooks / Fremdsprachige eBooks / Englische eBooks / Sach- & Fachthemen / Technik
Mots-clés: eBooks
Données de 09-06-2016 10:32h
ISBN (notations alternatives): 0-08-053187-3, 978-0-08-053187-8
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